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Blackfoot Taxi
Blackfoot Taxi
16:08:59 29/12/2016

We will be the first all electric taxi company in the Atlanta area. Please consider supporting this effort. You can donate by clicking below.

Below - the Chevy Bolt reimagined as a Blackfoot Taxi. (Artist's rendition)
"This is a revolution. The 'greening' of transportation is inevitable and necessary. Just a dollar from 10,000,000 people will move it into its next, cleaner phase. I'll even record and post this epic evolution, and all that is involved, to Youtube for your viewing pleasure." Hello. My name is A...

Blackfoot Taxi
18:28:48 04/12/2016
It is believed that now is a good time to move this transportation business into a sustainable, environmentally friendly direction. Our business model allows us to operate as a traditional taxi company and still be competitive with the likes of the larger international taxi companies who call themselves 'Ride-share' platforms. We do this through a variety of means. The story begins on our website: It is there you can find the business plan, our strategy for the next three years. It is comprehensive.

If readers would like to donate to this cause, and help us bring about the first 'Green' taxi company, you may do so at our go fund me page.

Blackfoot Taxi
18:18:14 04/12/2016
It has been a while since I have had the time to update this page. I was just reading some of the old, how time flies. So much has changed in this short time. Blackfoot Taxi is now an environmentally responsible entity, on a mission to be the first 'Green' transportation company.

Blackfoot Taxi
14:00:39 19/08/2015
We were having problems with the mobile site and customer's booking requests not processing. This has been repaired. You may once again order a car in advance from your mobile phone or tablet.

Blackfoot Taxi
12:52:52 13/04/2015 is now live. We are also on twitter @blackfoottaxi
Forms of payment accepted: cash, all major credit cards, and paypal. We are pet-friendly (with approved crate), child-friendly, and can carry 6 adults comfortably. Light refreshments and wifi are standard. Smoke free. This is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week operation.

Blackfoot Taxi
08:33:28 03/04/2015
Blackfoot country (Our coverage area)

Blackfoot Taxi
15:34:35 25/03/2015
Blackfoot taxi is now cleared to pick up passengers in the city limits of Forest Park and Morrow, Georgia. With this we are cleared for the entirety of Clayton County. The following is the list of places we service:
College Park Taxi
Clayton County Taxi
Morrow Taxi
Forest Park Taxi
Lake City Taxi
Riverdale Taxi
Jonesboro Taxi
Conyers Taxi

Blackfoot Taxi
15:39:20 05/03/2015
Hello and God bless. This is an exciting update as we are now cleared to operate and pick up people within the city limits of Morrow, Georgia. I would like to thank the Morrow police department for their guidance and issuing us the permit to pick up within their jurisdiction.
The goal is to be able to operate in the entirety of Clayton County. Forest Park is next on the list. Stay tuned as we strive toward this mark.
The takeover is in full effect.

Blackfoot Taxi
05:05:31 24/10/2014
OK, so we tried to update the business model by using Hailo, but I just received word they are ceasing operation in the Atlanta area as of Saturday, October 26, 2014. On to the next one.

Blackfoot Taxi
15:20:30 30/09/2014
Tuesdays are our day off. Please be aware that no one will answer the phones on Tuesdays

Blackfoot Taxi
13:52:52 20/09/2014
Blackfoot - Executive Taxi is now a part of the Hailo network, so you can 'hail' a cab via app on your smartphone. Just download the Hailo app, available in both the iTunes app store and on Google Play, and follow the directions. A ride is two clicks away. 😆
Also for our Clayton County constituents, we have lowered our rate of fares. Whereas previously it was $2.50 to start and $2.00 per mile, we now operate at $1.50 to start and $1.40 per mile. Our minimum for a trip decreased also, from $8.00 to $5.00.
Now, we can't leave our College Park customers out. Since the city sets the prices there, we can't offer the reduced rates. But we will offer you a special promotional discount of 20% on your first TWO rides, just for trying our service. Please mention this post to access the discount.
For limo quality and service at taxi prices, your choice is Blackfoot - Executive Taxi.

Blackfoot Taxi
21:24:33 27/08/2014
The take over has begun! Yesterday we got our first fare. It was $8.00, and I'm pretty sure she was satisfied. All thanks and praises be to the Lord for this opportunity. God willing, we will have many more satisfied customers.

Blackfoot Taxi
16:00:34 16/08/2014
It's official! Blackfoot taxi is licensed and ready
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